Rules for making changes and additions to the texts of articles on website

Making significant changes

When making significant changes to fact-checking materials, namely:

  • additions that clarify information and lead to a change in the perception of information;
  • change of the verdict on one or more points;
  • making changes due to the disappearance of the data source;
  • clarifications in connection with newly discovered facts and / or statistics

for the editorial board it is obligatory to perform the following actions:

  • placing a message about the update and its brief description at the beginning of the material, republishing the material in social channels with a message about the update and its brief description;
  • if an editorial error (unreliable or erroneous source) or a significant technical error (for example, indicating the amount in billions instead of millions) – it is necessary to republish the material in social channels with a message about the changes and additions with a public apology to readers; if a verdict is changed – with a public apology to the readers and the author of the statement.

Making minor changes

When making minor changes:

  • correction of spelling and grammatical errors and typos;
  • addition of no more than one paragraph, insignificant for the verdict or perception of information (new sources confirming the information, deletion by the author of his/her statement, and the media – material with the statement, additional explanation of the verdict, etc.) —

the issuance of a message about the update and the republishing of material in social channels remains at the discretion of the editorial board.

These rules apply to all fact-checking and news materials of the website and do not apply to the section of the website in which expert opinions are published. Each expert has the right to express his / her informed opinion on the relevant topic. Nevertheless, in the event of discovering open data that categorically refutes the opinion of an expert, the editors undertake to make additions in accordance with the paragraph on making significant changes to these rules.