FALSE | No discrimination in women labour compensation in Kazakhstan

In March this year, the only woman in Cabinet of Kazakhstan, Minister of Labour and Social Protection, Duisenova Tamara pronounced that she does not agree with statement about discrimination of pay across genders in Kazakhstan. According Duisenova, amount of remuneration depends on labour conditions, volume and difficulty of work performed.
In the course of briefing on realization of presidential message to population in Astana, Duisenova answered:

“Women — teachers of mathematics in Astana, Aktobe, Almaty, in South Kazakhstan region are paid an equal salary, because they work under unified standards of teaching. If we take a salary in mining industry, hazardous industry and not hazardous industry – of course, there is a difference in amount of remuneration because of difficulty of work. In this regard, I am not agree with a statement that there is a pay discrimination. Labour remuneration depends on volume, difficulty and conditions of work. It must be owned that women mostly work in service industries, in social sphere‖”.

Verdict: FALSE

According to Committee for Statistics, ratio of average women salary to men salary is 69 percent in Kazakhstan.

Bulletin ― Salary of workers by occupations (positions) in certain business activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016 at Committee for Statistics site shows that men are paid more than women in almost every sphere of activities.

Let us partially consider those parts of labor market, which were mentioned in quote of Duisenova. Teachers-women in intermediate school are paid 2.8% less than men; salary of teacher-women is inferior to man’s one in average 10.6%. As to traditional ―man‖ mining industry, head miner-women draw salary less than men 42.8%, and in ―coal and lignite mining‖ industry, women’s salary is 37.1% less.

Even in the sphere of flower cultivation, gender pay gap reaches 65%, not to speak of senior positions, where woman salary is 37% of man salary in the same position (three-time disparity).
Nevertheless, there is a little number of positions where women have bigger salary, but it is an exception to the rule. Full list of occupations and its remuneration see in the Table below

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